return to collage

A couple of weeks ago I attended a collage workshop at Light Work in Syracuse, NY with artist Suné Woods. I had seen the event on Facebook and immediately signed up. One of my big goals this year was to re-focus on my own art practice and I saw this workshop as an opportunity to actually MAKE SOMETHING. The first half of the workshop was an artist talk with Suné in her exhibition and then a presentation where she shared with us artists that influenced her. This all lead up to us sitting around a table covered in magazines, glue, and scissors. I was in heaven! Seriously, what better way to spend a day?

As I stood by the edge of the table glancing over the stack of magazines I spotted a space-themed National Geographic and lunged for it! The three collages above are the pieces I made during the workshop. I worked fast. I tried not to “think too much.” I am super pleased with the results.

This exercise was exactly the kick in the butt I needed! I feel refreshed. I feel inspired.

After returning to Rochester after my blissful collage workshop experience I was invited to Visual Studies Workshop for – wait for it – a collage workshop with their Project Space artist Nancy Topolski. It’s like the universe was trying to tell me something. Above is the collage I made at VSW. This was a very different process. We only used black and white photocopies, and we had access to a photocopier so you could enlarge or shrink images as you wished. I made this in about 15mins. Again, like the collages I made in Suné’s workshop, I wanted to focus more on how I was reacting to what I was making and not on the thinking about what I should make.

Get ready folks! You’ll be seeing more collages from me soon.

PhotoFinish 5K – Team VSW – We Did It!

TeamVSW (2015)

PhotoFinish 5K (2015)

YAY, we did it! This past weekend Team VSW ran in the PhotoFinish 5K. We raised $2,165 (goal was $1,500) to support VSW – THANK YOU to everyone who donated!

I was happy to run to support my Alma Mater AND this was my second 5K! With the Lilac Run & PhotoFinish under my belt, which one should I sign-up for next?

Top photo from VSW’s Instagram which of course I had to #regram!

Team t-shirts were hand-printed by Hey Buddy! – you’ll remember his handiwork from when he printed my Collaborator totes!

PhotoFinish 5K – Team VSW


A few months ago I started running! I know, right? My first ever 5K was the Lilac Run and it was an AMAZING experience. I’m excited to say I’ve caught the “running bug” and have signed up for my next 5K: the PhotoFinish 5K!

I’m running in this particular 5K to help support VSW! Our goal is to raise $1,500 – help us out? You can donate any amount: $5, $10, $20 – it all adds up.


16mm summer screening

16mm summer screening

Last Friday night was GREAT! We had a 16mm film screening at VSW and it was the perfect way to kick-off the summer solstice.

I just realized, that since I started using Instagram last year, I have blogged less. Between Twitter and Instagram I’m micro-blogging! Speaking of Instagram, for those of you who use it, what do you think of the new video feature? Honestly, I still prefer Vine, but I did create four video clips (1, 2, 3, & 4) at the screening.

We’ll be on the front lawn again next Friday, so if you’re in ROC, join us! BBQ & 16mm films – how can you go wrong?

Summer 2011 I attended three 16mm outdoor screenings – read more about them on my old blog!
Posts: summer screening | take 1 & summer screening | take 2 & Film Mobile @ VSW

social media for artists

I’m teaching a workshop at VSW this Saturday! Join me!

Social Media for Artists
with Megan Charland
Saturday, November 17th
$35 ($30 for members & students)

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, oh my! Participants will discuss different social media platforms and how, as artists, we can promote and network utilizing these online tools. Whether you have been tweeting for years or haven’t got a clue what a tweet is, all artists interested in creating a strong online presence are encouraged to attend.

Register online today!

community – hurricane relief

It’s been absolutely heartbreaking watching the news and seeing images of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy. NYC especially, with friends living their (I used to live there), is hard to accept. Times like this though, however terrible, always renew my faith in community. It is SO GREAT to see everyone coming together to help each other out! LOVE IT!

This sense of community is why I love this letterpress print, We Are So Good Together by Dylan Fareed (shown framed above), so much! That print along with Blue Marble (Sandy Benefit Edition) by 20×200 Artist Fund are limited edition prints on 20×200 which you can purchase and ALL net revenue from sales will benefit the American Red Cross’s efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

This past weekend at VSW we raised money to send down to Printed Matter. Their basement storage facility took on more than 6 feet of water and as a result lost a sizeable amount of inventory. Printed Matter is one of my FAVORITE organizations and this breaks my heart. If you can, please consider donating! You can do so on the Printed Matter website.

Also, Jenna from Sweet Fine Day put together a great list of NYC organizations that are providing DIRECT assistance to those effected by the hurricane. Check out her post for more information!


First, regular posting will be resuming tomorrow! Yay! Second, I have a ton of updates for you! Let’s break this down list-style:

1. Last Wednesday was my last day working at The Strong here in Rochester, NY. I worked for the museum for a little over 3 years. It was a GREAT experience. The last two years I worked as the photographer for an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant where I photographed over 9,500 pre-1930 museum artifacts. I was also one of the museum bloggers, which was a fun opportunity. My blog posts The Cherished One: A Teddy Bear Tale, Playing with Advertising, and Interior Design as Play (Dollhouse Memories from The Strong) were picked up by the Rochester Arts: Arts Community Blog on the Democrat and Chronicle’s website. 3 for 3 – very exciting!

2. September I took on the position of Web Manager at Visual Studies Workshop. I am the voice behind VSW’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. I also launched my redesign of the VSW site this past Thursday! I’m excited to be working with the rest of the VSW team over the next few months adding content to the site.

3. Currently I am training my replacement as Photo Editor & Designer of Afterimage. VOL. 40, No. 4 will be my last in the position. I’m not leaving Afterimage however, I have taken on the roll of Online Media Editor effective this past Friday. I will be working on adding more unique online content to the Afterimage website and I’m also the new voice behind the Afterimage Twitter account and Facebook Page. I LOVE THE INTERNET!

4. The 20hrs/week I was working at the museum the last two years will now be used to WORK ON MY THESIS!

5. I’m going to be a blogger…who actually blogs! As I mentioned, regularly scheduled posts will resume tomorrow and I will also be playing catch-up! Not only do I have to post about my “recent” trip to NYC, but also post about events going back as far as MAY! YIKES! I’m not even going to admit how many blog drafts have piled up. BAD BLOGGER.

6. I’m teaching a workshop at VSW! Social Media for Artists will be held Saturday, November 17th from 10am-1pm. I hope you’ll join me! REGISTER: $35 ($30 for members & students)

7. I want a puppy.