Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 9

Last night was my second-to-last Lovin’ Letterpress class over at PABA and I designed, proofed, printed, and trimmed a new bookmark! Even though I had already designed a bookmark I just had to make another one – partly because I love them, and partly because with a minimal project I was able to walk away with a finished product in 3hrs. I like being able to use what I make. Immediately. I can be super impatient sometimes. Ideally I would have let the prints dry and trim them next week, but I didn’t and there is some slight lifting of the ink from when they were in the guillotine being cut. I’m OK with this – it gives them character! Ha!

As for the design, I knew I wanted to type-set “Think, Make, Think” and when I was going through the type-specimen book I came across this man with the pointed finger and glasses and couldn’t resist. As a student, I like to remind myself to slow down – the creative process can truly be broken down to: Think, Make, Think. From the first time I saw Clifton Burt’s think-make-think project (based on a haiku by John Maeda) on flickr a few years ago I made “Think, Make, Think” a personal mantra when I get stuck in a creative rut. Do you have a mantra to motivate you?

Next week is our final class and I’m not sure what I want to make. I can’t believe it’s my last night! Who knows, I just might have to sign-up for Lovin’ Letterpress II. I’m hooked!

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