Handbuilding | Week 1





I’m taking my first ceramics class – and it’s a lot of fun. I’m currently in week 4 (catching up on posts!) and 1/2 way through the class. What’s the class? Handbuilding, at Genesee Center, taught by Ian Park.

It’s kind of hard documenting this class like I did when I took Lovin’ Letterpress at the Center. My hands are 99% of the time covered in clay – obviously. Each class I’ve tried to snap a few pics to share to Instagram but, wow, these photos do not do this class justice.

Week 1 I made two pinch-pots, one coil-pot (not shown), and one sphere (not shown). I really enjoyed making the pinch-pots! I was not a fan of the coil-pot. The sphere was maddening – ha! With my pinch-pots I added a “foot” to my second one after leaving my first pot very basic. Both pots have been through the kiln (bisque) and are ready for glaze. I’m VERY EXCITED to learn about glazing. I’m a sucker for blue glaze! I don’t really have a good photo of my coil-pot to share, but it isn’t that exciting anyways. I actually need to challenge myself to go in during open studio hours and make another coil-pot. Practice makes perfect, right? It was making the coils that was hard – I just couldn’t get the coils even, they would crack… it was a mess. As for the sphere (I’ll share a photo of that in my next post) we made a solid sphere of clay to later make a lidded bowl! Cool, right?


First, regular posting will be resuming tomorrow! Yay! Second, I have a ton of updates for you! Let’s break this down list-style:

1. Last Wednesday was my last day working at The Strong here in Rochester, NY. I worked for the museum for a little over 3 years. It was a GREAT experience. The last two years I worked as the photographer for an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant where I photographed over 9,500 pre-1930 museum artifacts. I was also one of the museum bloggers, which was a fun opportunity. My blog posts The Cherished One: A Teddy Bear Tale, Playing with Advertising, and Interior Design as Play (Dollhouse Memories from The Strong) were picked up by the Rochester Arts: Arts Community Blog on the Democrat and Chronicle’s website. 3 for 3 – very exciting!

2. September I took on the position of Web Manager at Visual Studies Workshop. I am the voice behind VSW’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. I also launched my redesign of the VSW site this past Thursday! I’m excited to be working with the rest of the VSW team over the next few months adding content to the site.

3. Currently I am training my replacement as Photo Editor & Designer of Afterimage. VOL. 40, No. 4 will be my last in the position. I’m not leaving Afterimage however, I have taken on the roll of Online Media Editor effective this past Friday. I will be working on adding more unique online content to the Afterimage website and I’m also the new voice behind the Afterimage Twitter account and Facebook Page. I LOVE THE INTERNET!

4. The 20hrs/week I was working at the museum the last two years will now be used to WORK ON MY THESIS!

5. I’m going to be a blogger…who actually blogs! As I mentioned, regularly scheduled posts will resume tomorrow and I will also be playing catch-up! Not only do I have to post about my “recent” trip to NYC, but also post about events going back as far as MAY! YIKES! I’m not even going to admit how many blog drafts have piled up. BAD BLOGGER.

6. I’m teaching a workshop at VSW! Social Media for Artists will be held Saturday, November 17th from 10am-1pm. I hope you’ll join me! REGISTER: $35 ($30 for members & students)

7. I want a puppy.