Lovin’ Letterpress | RECAP

As promised, here is a recap post of the Lovin’ Letterpress class I took over at the Printing & Book Arts Center at Genesee Center for the Arts.

Here are 10 things I learned during the 10 week class:

1. I LOVE laying out type. It’s really calming.

2. I do NOT like putting type away. Ha!

3. I love bookmarks about as much as I love books. I designed and printed two of them! (one and two)

4. Rounded corners are growing on me – mostly because I like using the machine. It has a fun pedal.

5. DO NOT leave the inking rollers down when you’re not running the press. Not only will the ink dry faster and rollers suffer needless wear, but your instructor will make you recite this golden rule in front of the class. Three times. Oops!

6. I really like the consistency of the ink, especially when you roll it out by hand until it reaches the perfect “orange peel” consistency. Ah, I miss the print shop…

7. Ink should really be allowed to dry for at least 24 hrs. I’m way too impatient.

8. There is something so rewarding about making something with your hands from start to finish.

9. Genesee Center for the Arts is a great local organization. If you live in or around ROC you should definitely check out their list of classes. Perhaps I’ll have to check out one of the pottery classes next!


I miss being in the print shop! I’m very much looking forward to the Spring so I can take the second part of the class – but, I’m not wishing away the next few months by any means. I want to take 2012 nice and slow. 2011 went by way too fast!

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