art should be fun

Actor Jason Schwartzman drops his friend off at LACMA and keeps walking along Wilshire because he doesn’t like museums. He is surprised by John Baldessari’s light projected head. Baldessari’s head follows him and explains ones taste for art matures likes one taste for cheese. Jason escapes Baldessari and runs into Jeff Garland at Rays and Stark bar. Jason tries to convince Jeff that Baldessari’s head is following him to which Jeff says I don’t see him but don’t complain as he’s a master artist. So Jason walks along while Baldessari educates him on art, cubism, impressionists, Broadway Boogie Woogie and tells Schwartzman not to be intimidated of museums because art is fun. Soundtrack is “Any Fun” on Davy album by Jason’s band Coconut records.

Have you seen this video of Jason Schwartzman and John Baldessari yet? It’s pure bliss. Check out Pacific Standard Time for more info. What a smart initiative!

thanks for the heads up Jessica!