Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 7

Last night was my weekly letterpress class over at PABA and I think this was the first time I found myself wanting to “⌘-z” – ha! I spent the three hours of class continuing layout design for my type specimen poster from last week. I was able to print a couple of proofs and I’m still not super thrilled with the design. I might tweak it a bit more next week before printing the final poster. We shall see!

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Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 5 & 6

Yay! Earlier tonight I drove over to PABA for my letterpress class! After being away from the studio for a couple of weeks (sick-bummer!) it felt great to be back at it again. If you remember from my last class I designed a bookmark which I proofed, printed, and trimmed tonight. I LOVE how it turned out. It seriously amuses me to no end. I printed my silly message in bright orange ink on some scrap book board. The board is thin enough to still be functional but thick enough to be a little excessive. After I trimmed the bookmarks down (I printed 20) I had to give the corner-cutter a try and rounded the corners on half of them. Fun stuff.

I also started on my next assignment which is to design and print a signed limited edition (for classmates) type specimen poster. So, I started playing around with the ABCs and am looking forward to getting back to work next week!

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Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 3 & 4

Last night was my third letterpress course at PABA. It should have been my fourth – I was bummed to miss class last week, but with my looming trip to NYC I needed the extra time to get ready. Tonight I was able to catch up and it felt so good to be back in the print studio again! I printed a pile of thank you cards I designed for Genesee Center for the Arts & Education and some extras for me. I’m excited to mail them! I also started on designing a bookmark which I will be printing next week. Yay!

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Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 1

I’M HOOKED! Last night was my first letterpress class and I am in love. The second I walked into the Printing & Book Arts Center, affectionately known as PABA, I instantly felt comfortable and inspired. The vibe of the room was great. As you can see from the photos above there is so much to look at!

For our first class we completed two type-setting assignments. The first one was setting our name and address. I opted to set my web address rather than physical address. I used Bernard Fashion in 14pt. The second assignment was to set this clever mnemonic to help remember the layout of the California job case. I used Twentieth Century Medium in 14pt. What can I say? I love sans-serifs! We had enough time to run some proofs – I was happy to see I didn’t spell anything wrong and the type was all facing the right direction! Next week we will be making final prints and start working on new projects. I can’t wait!

A nice bonus of the evening was meeting the lovely Chris from Fly Rabbit Press. She is a renter at PABA. If you remember from a previous post, I just recently bought one of her prints. Anyways, she was nice enough to take a quick break from a project she was printing to chat with myself and another classmate for a few minutes. I was excited to hear that she started out in the same class I am now taking! So cool. By the way, that pup hanging out in the first pic above is hers. So cute.

playing catch-up

Um, yikes! Where did the last couple of weeks go? If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I have been busy, busy, busy lately and I LOVE IT. It feels so good to be involved in so many great projects and the people I’m meeting along the way makes the lack of sleep totally worth it!

I do have some blog posts lined up for you. About seven in fact. I just need to actually finish writing them and I should be able to get them up before the weekend hits. No promises though. Ha!

Wondering about that image above? It’s the door to the Printing & Book Arts Center at the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education and I will be crossing the threshold tonight for the first time! YAHOO! I will be taking the Lovin’ Letterpress I course with Mitch Cohen over the next 8 weeks and I am so excited to FINALLY learn letterpress. I have been thinking about this for years (one of my 2011 goals) and have never seemed to find the time. Well, I decided to make time. I can’t wait to share what I learn and create in this course.