Handbuilding | Week 3 & 4



Last night was my third handbuilding class (I missed week 3 – bummer!) and I got a lot done. I finished my lidded bowl! After decorating the lid by carving little starbursts I then made the final touch – the base. I decided I didn’t want to add an attached foot to the bowl but, make a separate base. I like the idea of there being these three pieces and with the base I shaped it so that the bowl/sphere will sit on the base slightly off-center. I’m really happy with the way it’s come along and I’m finally appreciating the many imperfections. These pieces are still too wet to go to the kiln, so hopefully I’ll be able to send them next week. I’m looking forward to bringing this home and placing it on my bookshelf!

I also got my two pinch-pots and coil-pot back from the kiln! See how they are different colors? Next week we’re learning about glazing and I CANNOT WAIT! I’m so excited to add color to these pieces – my coil-pot needs all the help it can get! Ha!

In the last 30mins of class I started two more projects – more on those next week! I’m actually hoping to go to open studio hours later this week to continue working on them. We shall see.

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Handbuilding | Week 2




Catching up on posts! Week 2 my two pinch-pots and coil-pot had dried enough since week 1 to go to the kiln for firing (you can’t put wet clay in the kiln!). Before sending the pots to the kiln I covered two in a white slip (liquid clay) which apparently will effect the color of the glazing later on. I left one of my pinch-pots sans-slip so I could compare the glazes.

See that sphere? That’s the sphere I made week 1 and week 2 I cut it in half and carved out the inside. Why? To make a lidded bowl! This project in particular has really made me stop and chill. I so badly want everything to be perfect, but this is handbuilding – HANDMADE – of course it isn’t going to be perfect.

Week 2 I also got a crash-course in making a slab. My instructor can make a slab by hand but, thankfully there is also a machine in the studio that presses a slab for me! I attempted to throw a slab by hand and it didn’t go well. Looks like I need to go in for open studio hours to work on coil-pots and slabs!

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Handbuilding | Week 1





I’m taking my first ceramics class – and it’s a lot of fun. I’m currently in week 4 (catching up on posts!) and 1/2 way through the class. What’s the class? Handbuilding, at Genesee Center, taught by Ian Park.

It’s kind of hard documenting this class like I did when I took Lovin’ Letterpress at the Center. My hands are 99% of the time covered in clay – obviously. Each class I’ve tried to snap a few pics to share to Instagram but, wow, these photos do not do this class justice.

Week 1 I made two pinch-pots, one coil-pot (not shown), and one sphere (not shown). I really enjoyed making the pinch-pots! I was not a fan of the coil-pot. The sphere was maddening – ha! With my pinch-pots I added a “foot” to my second one after leaving my first pot very basic. Both pots have been through the kiln (bisque) and are ready for glaze. I’m VERY EXCITED to learn about glazing. I’m a sucker for blue glaze! I don’t really have a good photo of my coil-pot to share, but it isn’t that exciting anyways. I actually need to challenge myself to go in during open studio hours and make another coil-pot. Practice makes perfect, right? It was making the coils that was hard – I just couldn’t get the coils even, they would crack… it was a mess. As for the sphere (I’ll share a photo of that in my next post) we made a solid sphere of clay to later make a lidded bowl! Cool, right?

happy new year!

ROC 2016

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a healthy and happy new year! 2015 was – intense. Looking forward to a much more relaxed 2016. This weekend I plan on updating my website (LONG OVERDUE) and working on a few posts I’ve had on the back burner for most of 2015 – ha!

I’m ringing in 2016 in my pjs with my kitties. My relaxing 2016 is off to a great start!

Photo is from my Instagram – ornament is by artist Gail Erwin. I purchased it at Genesee Center’s Wintercraft.

Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 10

This past Wednesday night was my final Lovin’ Letterpress class over at PABA and I designed, proofed, and printed a HELLO! note card. These photos do not give that green ink justice – it’s a beautiful emerald green. LOVE it. As for the design, I’m sure it comes to no surprise to you by now that I went super minimal. Just my style! I’m so excited to use them! Handwritten notes are the best. Yay!

Next week I will be putting together a re-cap of the 10 weeks I spent in the print studio. I will miss it!
FYI: I do plan on taking the second part of the class in the spring! Already counting down the days…

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Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 9

Last night was my second-to-last Lovin’ Letterpress class over at PABA and I designed, proofed, printed, and trimmed a new bookmark! Even though I had already designed a bookmark I just had to make another one – partly because I love them, and partly because with a minimal project I was able to walk away with a finished product in 3hrs. I like being able to use what I make. Immediately. I can be super impatient sometimes. Ideally I would have let the prints dry and trim them next week, but I didn’t and there is some slight lifting of the ink from when they were in the guillotine being cut. I’m OK with this – it gives them character! Ha!

As for the design, I knew I wanted to type-set “Think, Make, Think” and when I was going through the type-specimen book I came across this man with the pointed finger and glasses and couldn’t resist. As a student, I like to remind myself to slow down – the creative process can truly be broken down to: Think, Make, Think. From the first time I saw Clifton Burt’s think-make-think project (based on a haiku by John Maeda) on flickr a few years ago I made “Think, Make, Think” a personal mantra when I get stuck in a creative rut. Do you have a mantra to motivate you?

Next week is our final class and I’m not sure what I want to make. I can’t believe it’s my last night! Who knows, I just might have to sign-up for Lovin’ Letterpress II. I’m hooked!

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Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 8

Tonight was my weekly letterpress class over at PABA and I finally finished the layout of my type specimen poster. Yay! I printed 20 and left them at the studio to dry. We’re not having class next week due to the holiday but when we meet again on the 30th (Week 9) I will sign and edition the posters. After exchanging them with my classmates I might have a few left if anyone wants one.

I’m actually glad we don’t have class next week so I have the extra time to sketch out some ideas for my final projects which are OPEN – YES! So, what am I going to do? I don’t know. I really love the bookmarks I made and might design a couple more. I’ll share some sketches with you next week!

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