end of summer & a new season

Party Boats, Labor Day 2016

Labor Day was last weekend which marks the end of summer. Fall is almost here – even though it is currently 87*F in my apartment as I’m typing this.

A lot has happened over the last several months but, not a lot has changed. I was scrolling back through this blog and found my post about balance. I wrote that nearly a year ago and I have failed miserably at finding a balance. I’ve said it several times – and maybe this time it will stick – this blog is a huge part of that balance because it is MINE and about ME. I need to re-focus my energy back to this blog. I miss writing for writing’s sake.

I redesigned this blog earlier today. A fresh look for a new season and renewed interest in this blog. Cheers!



OK, so I decided that a new look for this blog was in order…so here it is!

The new look is obviously on the left and old one on the right.

I have also uploaded all of the Land [ab]Use series pieces I have completed so far to a set on flickr. Please check ’em out and let me know what you think!

“Residential 001” (formerly titled “Domestic 001”) Copyright © 2010 by Megan Charland.

“Commercial 006” Copyright © 2010 by Megan Charland.

new year, new blog…

So, yesterday I was trying to clean up my databases…and accidentally deleted my blog!! Also, the files I downloaded to back up my blog turned out to be just the system and design files, not the content. No comments, posts, pics, stories! 8 months…completely gone.

It took me about 5 hours to calm down and decide to put TSATSKE to rest and start this new blog. Considering I have a lot to learn about databases, I have returned to wordpress.com to host this blog for me. (You can still check out TSATSKE as it started out.)

Oh well, here I go…AGAIN!