Speaking of lights, if you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter you would have seen me post some pics and a video of the fantastic A R T lights inside RoCo this holiday season. I love my job.


6x6x2013 – SUBMIT

It’s that time of year again! Rochester Contemporary Art Center‘s (RoCo), international small art phenomenon returns with thousands of original artworks, made and donated by celebrities, international & local artists, designers, college students, youths, and YOU!


– Each artwork must be 6×6 square inches (15cm) or mounted to a 6×6 board, and signed only on the back, to be exhibited anonymously.

– All entries will be accepted, exhibited and will be for sale to the public for $20 each (in the gallery and online for global purchasing) to benefit RoCo.

– Artist names will be revealed to the buyer upon purchase and all artworks remain on display through July 14, 2013. Sold Out artists’ names will be revealed next to their work online on July 5.

– Anyone may enter up to 6 artworks of any medium (2D or 3D) and there is no fee to enter.

Ready to submit? Let’s do this! Here is the Entry Form – PDF and check out the 6×6 website for FAQs.

I cannot emphasize enough how FUN this exhibition is to participate in and it gets even better every year! 6x6x2013 – you’re already looking good!

Video above was created during 6x6x2012 – opening night patrons shared with us their 6×6 experiences! I didn’t give an interview, but I do make a few appearances in the video. Fun times!

I love 6×6 season! Last year I assisted RoCo Staff in photographing 7,505 works of art (donated by 3,050 artists from all 50 states and 45 countries!) for the 6x6x2012 on-line gallery. 2011 I assisted RoCo Staff in photographing 4,407 works of art (donated from all 50 states and 34 countries!) for the 6x6x2011: Global on-line gallery. I assisted RoCo Staff in photographing 5,004 works of art for the 6x6x2010: You Asked For It on-line gallery, I personally photographed 3,077 works of art for the 6x6x2009 – Second and Final Year! on-line gallery, and I assisted in the design and coordination of 6x6x2008 – the FIRST 6×6 exhibition! Love 6×6. Love.

A Brief History of John Baldessari

OK, so you have probably seen this incredible video A Brief History of John Baldessari a million times already, but forgive me, I’ve been away from the internet for a little over a week and I’ve just seen it for the first time in it’s entirety – SO GOOD.

“The epic life of a world-class artist, jammed into six minutes. Narrated by Tom Waits [I would let him narrate my life story – great voice!]. Commissioned by LACMA for their first annual “Art + Film Gala” honoring John Baldessari and Clint Eastwood.” [more]

John Baldessari was the reason I studied art in college. Have I ever said that out loud? It’s true.

“When the artist calls it art, it’s art.” –> one of my favorite quotes! …and of course: “I WILL NOT MAKE ANYMORE BORING ART!”

Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium

Have you seen Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium yet? It’s a new video from PBS’ Off Book series on YouTube. It’s pretty great.

“GIFs are one of the oldest image formats used on the web. Throughout their history, they have served a huge variety of purposes, from functional to entertainment. Now, 25 years after the first GIF was created, they are experiencing an explosion of interest and innovation that is pushing them into the terrain of art. In this episode of Off Book, we chart their history, explore the hotbed of creativity on Tumblr, and talk to two teams of GIF artists who are evolving the form into powerful new visual experiences.” [more info]

creativity and play


“It’s not an ‘either/or,’ it’s an ‘and.’ You can be serious and play.” – Tim Brown

I woke up this morning thinking about this TED talk with Tim Brown on creativity and play. One of my instructors had shared this with my class a few weeks ago and apparently it has stuck with me.

On an unrelated note, can you believe it is already March?! Here’s to making the best out of the next 31 days – cheers!

Larry Towell and Mike Stevens @ Visual Studies Workshop

As I mentioned yesterday, last night I attended a LIVE performance by Larry Towell and Mike Stevens at Visual Studies Workshop as part of the Aesthetics of Atrocity Public Program.

Wow, where to begin? First, I had no idea that Larry was also going to be performing vocals and acoustics! Not only was Mike playing the harmonica, who did not disappoint, but Larry played the guitar and even a saw! When Larry sang his voice was so visceral. The musical experience paired with his photographs of atrocity for two hours made for a very moving night.

I didn’t take any photos of the performance due to the fact that the auditorium was very dark and my glowing point-and-shoot camera would have been way too distracting. So, I snapped the above two pics with my BlackBerry. The first one was during the intermission between sets and the second was at the very end of the event.

Visual Studies Workshop did have staff capturing video footage of the performance so hopefully that will be online soon for those of you who missed it. I will keep you posted!

I actually have to write a response paper for one of my classes on this event, so I will wait to share anymore of my thoughts until I finish that. Joys of grad school – ha!

Regarding Place: Photo Media Invitational

Last night I drove out to the Tower of Fine Arts Center Gallery at The College at Brockport to view Regarding Place: Photo Media Invitational. Artists in the exhibition include Molly Landreth, Angela Kelly, Suzanne E. Szucs, and Pinky Bass.

Landreth exhibited photographs from her project Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America. I was first introduced to Molly’s work during the Photo 2.0 — Online Photographic Thinking panel discussion back in October.

Kelly exhibited photographs from her new series Catharsis. Angela was one of my professors at RIT and it was great to see her again. Tomorrow I will share a post about her lecture Catharsis: Images of Post Conflict Belfast 2010-­11 which I attended last night after viewing the exhibition. She was great, which came to no surprise.

Szucs exhibited prints from her Sketch 4 I.D. series and her project Breathing in Place which included prints (Lake Superior #1, 2, 3, Lake Ontario #2) and a video (Lake Ontario, Tina). I really enjoyed the video.

Bass exhibited a few projects, and somehow I only caught one of the wall labels! Sorry! The gelatin silver prints with embroidery thread hung with platinum holders and Plexiglass is her series Contemplating My Internal Organs. This is the work by the bookshelf. Speaking of bookshelf, it held books of each of the artists which I thought was a nice addition to the exhibition. I uploaded a very short video clip of Megan Sullivan operating one of Bass’ sculptural pieces. Using a foot petal, the image strip moves creating a series of tones. It was lovely. I really wish I caught the wall label! Does anyone know the title?

The exhibition is on view through this Sunday (February 19) for any locals who have yet to see it. Go!

For more information on the exhibition you can read the Brockport Press Release and view the Brockport YouTube video. Also Kitty Hubbard, the curator of the exhibition, set up a Facebook group to encourage a dialogue amongst artists and audience – head over and join the conversation!