Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 9

Last night was my second-to-last Lovin’ Letterpress class over at PABA and I designed, proofed, printed, and trimmed a new bookmark! Even though I had already designed a bookmark I just had to make another one – partly because I love them, and partly because with a minimal project I was able to walk away with a finished product in 3hrs. I like being able to use what I make. Immediately. I can be super impatient sometimes. Ideally I would have let the prints dry and trim them next week, but I didn’t and there is some slight lifting of the ink from when they were in the guillotine being cut. I’m OK with this – it gives them character! Ha!

As for the design, I knew I wanted to type-set “Think, Make, Think” and when I was going through the type-specimen book I came across this man with the pointed finger and glasses and couldn’t resist. As a student, I like to remind myself to slow down – the creative process can truly be broken down to: Think, Make, Think. From the first time I saw Clifton Burt’s think-make-think project (based on a haiku by John Maeda) on flickr a few years ago I made “Think, Make, Think” a personal mantra when I get stuck in a creative rut. Do you have a mantra to motivate you?

Next week is our final class and I’m not sure what I want to make. I can’t believe it’s my last night! Who knows, I just might have to sign-up for Lovin’ Letterpress II. I’m hooked!

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Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 8

Tonight was my weekly letterpress class over at PABA and I finally finished the layout of my type specimen poster. Yay! I printed 20 and left them at the studio to dry. We’re not having class next week due to the holiday but when we meet again on the 30th (Week 9) I will sign and edition the posters. After exchanging them with my classmates I might have a few left if anyone wants one.

I’m actually glad we don’t have class next week so I have the extra time to sketch out some ideas for my final projects which are OPEN – YES! So, what am I going to do? I don’t know. I really love the bookmarks I made and might design a couple more. I’ll share some sketches with you next week!

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Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 7

Last night was my weekly letterpress class over at PABA and I think this was the first time I found myself wanting to “⌘-z” – ha! I spent the three hours of class continuing layout design for my type specimen poster from last week. I was able to print a couple of proofs and I’m still not super thrilled with the design. I might tweak it a bit more next week before printing the final poster. We shall see!

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Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 5 & 6

Yay! Earlier tonight I drove over to PABA for my letterpress class! After being away from the studio for a couple of weeks (sick-bummer!) it felt great to be back at it again. If you remember from my last class I designed a bookmark which I proofed, printed, and trimmed tonight. I LOVE how it turned out. It seriously amuses me to no end. I printed my silly message in bright orange ink on some scrap book board. The board is thin enough to still be functional but thick enough to be a little excessive. After I trimmed the bookmarks down (I printed 20) I had to give the corner-cutter a try and rounded the corners on half of them. Fun stuff.

I also started on my next assignment which is to design and print a signed limited edition (for classmates) type specimen poster. So, I started playing around with the ABCs and am looking forward to getting back to work next week!

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Last week I attended Nathan Lyons’ and Tate Shaw’s workshop IMAGE/SEQUENCE/SERIES at VSW. The most beneficial part of the workshop for me was the shooting requirement. We had to shoot about 100 photos a day and bring in contact sheets the following class. I’m not going to lie, the first couple of days was like pulling teeth. I started questioning what I was even doing in grad school. OK, so maybe I was being a little overdramatic, but, it took me a while to get excited about shooting again.

Since completing my BFA Thesis project, Constructed Landscapes, I have spent the last three years working in a very structured workflow. I plan out every image before I go out an shoot. Just take a look at my recent series Chronic Disconnect. Each one of those photographs was planned. Or, take a look at Land [ab]Use, an entire series from a single photograph. Planned. That’s why the past week was so difficult, it was torture just wandering around and photographing with no plan.

As I was out shooting I couldn’t help but think of Liz Kuball’s recent blog post “Repetition and familiarity”. For the majority of the week I shot within about a 6-block radius from my apartment building. I challenged myself to SEE my surroundings. On the first day of the workshop Nathan mentioned the difference between “looking” at something and “seeing” it. This idea is one that has been reiterated throughout my academic career yet it seems to be something I quickly forget. My problem is and always has been I am TOO LITERAL. I struggle to see metaphor. I fail to tell stories. Yesterday Joerg M. Colberg posted on twitter, “Photography without the hint of a narrative, photography not interested in moving us: the visual equivalent of elevator music.” I laughed because I couldn’t help but think he was talking directly to me. I don’t want my photographs to be the equivalency of elevator music!

The first four days of class we focused on the image and potential series. It wasn’t until the last day that we laid out all of our prints and worked on sequence. Jason Fulford’s workshop was the perfect end to my week as I brought my photographs from Nathan’s class with me and was able to continue working with them.

Last week definitely got me more excited about photography again. I am going to try to make a point at least once a week to go out and wander with my camera. Looking at the photographs I already started to edit this past week I am excited to see how I can build on this sequence.

Back to work!

Visual Language

This weekend Sarah and I attended Jason Fulford’s workshop VISUAL LANGUAGE: HOW PICTURES SPEAK TO EACH OTHER at Visual Studies Workshop and it was an amazing experience. It was the most organized and hands-on workshop I have ever been to and it has left me with a lot to think about.

Yesterday we did a ton of visual exercises and I plan on repeating them with my own work for the. rest. of. my. life. I also left with a lot of teaching ideas for my future undergrad photo students.

Anyways, today we were each given a stack of each other’s images and were then instructed to edit and sequence them. This was a really helpful exercise as it gave me a really clear sense of how others view my work. I was really excited to get feedback from Jason as I’m a huge fan of his photobooks. Also, Luke, Kirby, and Robyn attended the workshop and I found it beneficial to have artists in the class that I respect so much.

Side note: the first image above of the prints strewn all over the tables makes me so freakin’ happy.

Such a great weekend! Now, I need a nap.


There is something so exhilarating about producing new work. As I mentioned yesterday, I uploaded my final* sequence from Nathan Lyons’ and Tate Shaw’s workshop IMAGE/SEQUENCE/SERIES to flickr. Be sure to check ’em out and let me know what you think!

Reminder: I will be publishing an in-depth post about this workshop and my personal experiences by Monday.

Also: I’m super excited to take Jason Fulford’s workshop VISUAL LANGUAGE: HOW PICTURES SPEAK TO EACH OTHER this weekend!! So, there will be plenty more photos and posts coming up!! YES!!

*I use the term “final” loosely, as this set of images is just the beginning!