return to collage

A couple of weeks ago I attended a collage workshop at Light Work in Syracuse, NY with artist Suné Woods. I had seen the event on Facebook and immediately signed up. One of my big goals this year was to re-focus on my own art practice and I saw this workshop as an opportunity to actually MAKE SOMETHING. The first half of the workshop was an artist talk with Suné in her exhibition and then a presentation where she shared with us artists that influenced her. This all lead up to us sitting around a table covered in magazines, glue, and scissors. I was in heaven! Seriously, what better way to spend a day?

As I stood by the edge of the table glancing over the stack of magazines I spotted a space-themed National Geographic and lunged for it! The three collages above are the pieces I made during the workshop. I worked fast. I tried not to “think too much.” I am super pleased with the results.

This exercise was exactly the kick in the butt I needed! I feel refreshed. I feel inspired.

After returning to Rochester after my blissful collage workshop experience I was invited to Visual Studies Workshop for – wait for it – a collage workshop with their Project Space artist Nancy Topolski. It’s like the universe was trying to tell me something. Above is the collage I made at VSW. This was a very different process. We only used black and white photocopies, and we had access to a photocopier so you could enlarge or shrink images as you wished. I made this in about 15mins. Again, like the collages I made in Suné’s workshop, I wanted to focus more on how I was reacting to what I was making and not on the thinking about what I should make.

Get ready folks! You’ll be seeing more collages from me soon.

15 Slides

Considering I live in Rochester, New York (the birthplace of Kodak) I can’t help but get a little sentimental when I see anything Kodak-film related. Pair that with my love of Anthony Zinonos’ collage work and the zine 15 Slides published by BOLO just had to be mine! Ordered!

15 Slides by Anthony Zinonos is a zine of collages made by the artist “using elements and images from 15 random film slides bought at a flea market in Norwich, UK.”

images from Anthony Zinonos’ Flickr

SUNY Brockport Alumni Exhibition

Earlier this evening I attended the opening reception for the 2011 Alumni Exhibition at SUNY Brockport. I was excited to see the work of Abbey Hendrickson, Phil Hendrickson, and Rachael Hetzel. It was nice to finally see their work in person. I absolutely LOVE the Susan B Anthony piece by Abbey. Love.

Prior to the opening I attended a round table discussion with all three artists and they shared some really great stories and advice for young artists including “be nice and be prepared”, “if you aren’t a do-er make friends with do-ers”, and “go big or go home”. I walked away feeling really good about my current path and future goals.

All in all a great way to spend the evening!

photos 1-3 Abbey Hendrickson, 4-5 Phil Hendrickson, and 6-7 Rachael Hetzel/Pistachio Press
Ben Entner also had work in the exhibition but was not present for the talk/exhibition opening event

current WAFA journal

I was excited to see the current WAFA journal over on Anthony Zinonos’ blog last week. Fun fact, I have kind of secretly wanted to be a member of WAFA for years. They are just so Fucking Awesome. Can’t wait to see how the journal turns out!

Images are from Anthony Zinonos’ blog.