ROC Crit Group @ Imagine RIT

current work in progress - Untitled (2013)

I’m excited to be sharing my current work in progress with The Rochester Critique Group at Imagine RIT on May 4th! I’ve been working on a new book project since this past fall and looking forward to spending more time on it as I wrap up my thesis project. So, mark your calendars and JOIN US! Also, HUGE thanks to our fearless leader Alyssa Marzolf who brought us together, started The Rochester Critique Group, and signed us up to exhibit on May 4th! YAY!

Imagine RIT
May 4, 2013, 10AM-5PM
Free – Rain or Shine

The Rochester Critique Group Exhibit
Exhibit Code: LOW-110
Zone: Business District
Location: Max Lowenthal Hall (LOW/012) – Second Floor
Time: All Day
Age Group: 15-adult

The Rochester Critique Group’s mission is to foster creative growth in a positive, supportive, and stimulating environment for artists, critics, curators, and/or those interested in forging a position in the art community. The Rochester Critique Group is presenting an exhibit that is comprised of various artworks by Rochester-based artists. Our group aims to grow exponentially as local, emerging artists discover the vitality of the critique in their works’ developmental process and growth. The Rochester Critique Group plans to participate in various aspects of the art world, including exhibitions and print-on-demand books.

Alyssa Marzolf, Whitney Warne, Justin Schmidt, Nick Marshall, Tim Avery, Nick Brandreth, Jim DeWitt, Greg Caggiano, Adam Maida, Peter Lazarski, Travis Johansen, Kaitlin Legg, Cameron Farash, Paul Schlieter, Doug Weglicki, Margaret Storms, Amy Lula, Laura Walczak, Greta Page-Mann, Kathryn DeFeo, Jesse Ames, Jenna Shay, Ali Sable, Declan Ryan, Megan Charland, Janna Salmin, Cory E. Card, Ben Gilberg


Author: Megan Charland

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