new year, new blog!

Happy New Year!! I know I said I wouldn’t be back until Jan. 2nd but I’m just way too excited not to share MY NEW BLOG with you all!! YAY!! 2012 is off to a good start – I’ve actually already published 4 posts over there!!

So, here we are. New year and NEW BLOG! What do you think? I decided to start the new year off hosting my own blog again. If you’ve been following my blogs for the last few years you’ll know that I kind of accidentally deleted my blog back in 2009. I went back to and have been happily blogging since. 2011 was my best blogging year yet and 2012 is already promising to be a stellar year! So, I’m taking control of my blog again and allowing myself to have more design control by hosting it myself. Now, fingers crossed, I can keep this one in tact! Joking, I’m totally not going to delete this one. Ha! Anyways, I’m still in the progress of working out some bugs, so if you see anything funny please don’t hesitate to let me know.

I LOVE my new space! Please head over to my new blog and update your e-mail subscriptions and RSS feed subscriptions! Thank you all for following along this past year! It’s been a lot of fun and 2012 is going to be an even better year for blogging!

PLEASE NOTE: I will no longer be posting to this blog. I am however keeping it up for now as I decide if I want to try to transfer all of these posts over to my new blog.


Author: Megan Charland

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