Street Journalism

Yep, another Twitter-related post!

I first shared the post, Join the Street Journalism movement by Alissa Walker (@gelatobaby), on Google+ and decided to share it here as well as I plan on joining the movement!

No, I do not consider myself a journalist. I am an artist who blogs. I have steadily started writing more (outside of school – ha!) largely because of this blog and since I started blogging almost six years ago I have always commented on local art-related events. I would like to see this blog continue to grow (it has grown so much in the last year!) and to do that I need to write more! I plan on using the Street Journalism movement as a motivator.

One of my favorite statements in the Street Journalism manifesto is: “We will keep our eyes open, our cameras focused, and our Twitter streams active.” YES!

Want to participate? Use the hashtag #streetjourno and get out there and pound the pavement! Personally, I spend far too much time in my car when I live within walking distance to so many local arts and cultural organizations. Follow me on Twitter while I join in on the movement.

screenshot above from Gelatobaby post


Author: Megan Charland

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