Fall 2011 Work Share

Yesterday was the Fall 2011 Work Share at Visual Studies Workshop. I shared the photobook I have been working on for the last seven months. The response was positive and the criticism that was made, I was expecting. This book is definitely not finished yet. If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed this tweet – which I can’t help but laugh at myself about now. “I feel really good about this one!” Really? Really, Megan? Now, with each book dummy I print I am getting closer to a finished book, but my instinct has always been to finish up a project at the end of the semester and move on to the next project. This is a mindset I need to get out of. This book will be finished when it is finished.

I still need to come up with a title – bane of my existence second to writing an artist statement! I also need to work on my statement. I did reach a “moment of truth” in thinking about my artist statement, and my work in general. I am interested in the way in which images speak to each other. I am interested in design and formal relationships. When writing artist statements I always feel pressured to make the work personal even though the work is not. I write the artist statement as I feel others want it to read, rather than being honest about the work. This is a problem. Now that I have owned up to this shortcoming on my part, I know I can finish this book strong.

Next semester is Graduate Project I – Research Seminar and my last semester of classes before I start working on my thesis. Spring 2012 I will not be participating in Work Share as I have the last three semesters, but will be presenting at the Graduate Review which is when I will be proposing my thesis project. My colleagues in the VSW community will vote on whether I can start working on my thesis. I am closer and closer each day to becoming a Master (MFA). No pressure.

I am officially on semester break until the end of January and plan on giving myself a couple of weeks off from working on my book. I will keep you all posted! Also, with the end of the semester means more blog posts. A lot of exciting things are going to be happening around here in the next few weeks! It’s amazing how this personal blog has grown in the last year. Thank you all for reading!

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Author: Megan Charland


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