Pistachio Press Letterpress + Local GRAND OPENING

As you know, I spent this past Friday and Saturday in Syracuse, NY for the SPE MA/NE Regional Conference at Light Work. When I originally registered for the conference a couple of months ago I had every intention of staying overnight Friday in SYR until I found out about the Grand Opening of Pistachio Press Letterpress + Local! So, thanks to Kris who graciously drove back and forth, we returned to ROC right before they closed up shop for the night. We ran inside and I snapped a few pics, and of course gave Rachael a big hug! I am so happy for her and her team!

Pistachio Press’ new space is PERFECT for them! You can read about this exciting new move over on the Pistachio Press blog. When you first enter the space you see the beautifully curated shop right ahead of you. Not only are letterpress goods being sold (cards, posters, masks, journals, calendars, etc…) but also jewelry and boutique-like gifts. Seriously, if you live in ROC or want (need) to take a road-trip, I highly recommend doing your holiday shopping at Pistachio Press Letterpress + Local!

Beyond the shop is the letterpress studio where all the magic happens. I want to move in! Actually, when I first entered the space I went immediately to snoop around the studio and then checked out the shop! Ha! I can’t help it. I cannot wait to head back later this week to do some shopping!



Author: Megan Charland


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