Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 5 & 6

Yay! Earlier tonight I drove over to PABA for my letterpress class! After being away from the studio for a couple of weeks (sick-bummer!) it felt great to be back at it again. If you remember from my last class I designed a bookmark which I proofed, printed, and trimmed tonight. I LOVE how it turned out. It seriously amuses me to no end. I printed my silly message in bright orange ink on some scrap book board. The board is thin enough to still be functional but thick enough to be a little excessive. After I trimmed the bookmarks down (I printed 20) I had to give the corner-cutter a try and rounded the corners on half of them. Fun stuff.

I also started on my next assignment which is to design and print a signed limited edition (for classmates) type specimen poster. So, I started playing around with the ABCs and am looking forward to getting back to work next week!

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Author: Megan Charland


4 thoughts on “Lovin’ Letterpress | Week 5 & 6”

  1. I’ve taught letterpress, but have no room in my current studio to set up. — I’ve a nice collection of equipment and type. I’m jealous that you’ve a beautiful space to work. Nice photos! Good work.

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