I came across Kim Beck‘s installation/video piece Drive earlier today. All I’ve been able to think about since is the buzzing noise of those fans!

A wall of 25 whirring box fans provides the screen for a short looping video of an afternoon on the golf course, and the only sound in the installation. Two large rustling trees frame the image as a pair of golfers walk across the fairway. The image spills onto the back wall, creating another space where the fan shadows function as window frames. Several other single-channel video loops also played in the space, including Flag, in which the viewer is positioned on the edge of a putting green. In this piece, nothing moves except for the gentle flutter of the golf flag. In Drive a car careens over a hill as if at the viewer but curving past at the last moment.

I also LOVE her Self-Storage series. I might just have to post about that later…

as seen on LPP’s blog
images are from Kim Beck‘s website

Author: Megan Charland

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