Mary Shelley Facsimile Library

The highlight of the fair for me was the Werkplaats Typografie Mary Shelley Facsimile Library. The space was incredible. You could take a seat on the couch and flip through the books while enjoying the company of some really great people.

“Werkplaats Typografie invites you to the Mary Shelley Facsimile Library. Inaugurated in September 2009, the library is a collection of copied books relevant to every participant’s research and practice. The bootleg editions offer sixteen thesis bibliographies as part of an accumulating reference library for future participants. It is for the first time open to the public. Werkplaats Typografie’s Mary Shelley Facsimile Library is looking for intrepid readers to critically review and enrich the selection…” [more]

I had the pleasure of speaking with Bosco Hernandez, one of the artists, and he said that the books are designed how they wish to experience the original titles. What a great concept. I made sure to purchase their catalog of the project – you can see from the photos above that it includes the covers of books they base their books on. This library has been running strong for two years and I’m excited to watch it grow.

Author: Megan Charland

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