Walk in the Woods

This semester I am working on two different projects and above is a preview of the most recent. I’m particularly excited about this one because I’m collaborating with my brother! The project is tentatively titled Walk in the Woods and I plan on addressing the relationship my brother and I have with the woods, a relationship nurtured by our childhood. I started editing a video component and there are more photos to edit as well. This project in terms of subject matter goes along with my other work, but it’s the personal nature of it that has me a little nervous. Talking about my childhood might get a little emotional. We’ll see. Right now, the video is going in a documentary direction and the photographs are more than likely going to be a companion book.

My most vivid memories growing up place me in the woods. Whenever I need to clear my head I drive to the nearest trail head. So, why should you care? Why am I making a video about my brother and I and the woods? WHY? I honestly don’t know why you should care and you might not. Right now, especially at this point in my time at graduate school, I feel this is an issue I need to address. So much of my work deals with land use, mapping, space, and I have always struggled talking about why these things matter to me. At the very least this project will be therapeutic, a great research tool for me, and an excuse to hang out with my brother!


Author: Megan Charland


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