Hans Aarsman on Photography

I just finished watching Hans Aarsman’s talk at TEDxAmsterdam from 2009. The talk, “From pretty to ugly and back again; mysterious ways of beauty in photography”, is both hilarious and right on point in my opinion and I couldn’t have watched it at a more perfect time in my academic career. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this talk two years ago! Shame on me.

Around 03:13 in this video Aarsman says something along the lines of, “There are two things that you can conclude from this. One thing is, it’s dangerous to have artistic ambitions that may prevent you from being authentic. Second, if you really want to make an interesting picture you shouldn’t want to make them.”

If you really want to make interesting pictures you shouldn’t want to make them! I said something along the same lines last week during an in-class critique and you should have heard the feedback! Yikes.

I agree with Aarsman, “the only real photographic beauty is to be found in pictures that were made without such a goal in mind.”

as seen on Conscientious


Author: Megan Charland


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