Enduring Freedom


I wanted to share Elisabeth Tonnard’s book Enduring Freedom. The Poetry of the President today. It seemed appropriate.

“Speeches that George W. Bush made shortly after the 9/11 attacks, are turned into poetry in this book. The tone varies as we witness consolatory words and war speech. What does not change is the intensity of the rhetoric used.” – Tonnard

I don’t think anyone will ever forget where they were that day. September 11, 2001 I was in high school biology and another science teacher came bursting into the room with the news. The tone of his voice and look on his face was enough for me to know something terrible happened. This wasn’t just an accident. The period bell rang and I went off to band practice. My clarinet stayed in the case while my teacher rolled in a television set into our room. That footage will stay with me forever. I remember everything. When I went home, my mother already had the news on and I don’t think it was turned off for days. Flags appeared all over our small town and my mother made us red/white/blue ribbons to wear to school. The feeling of fear was quickly replaced with pride and I haven’t been scared since. I do not condone war, I wish for peace, but I have always and will always support our fighting men and women. My thoughts are with all of the families of everyone we lost that day ten years ago. Rest in peace.


Author: Megan Charland


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