State of the City 2011: In the Loop

Last week I went to see State of the City 2011: In the Loop at Rochester Contemporary Art Center. This year, State of the City is part of a larger city-wide project Transitions-Rochester. (I’m not going to go into Transitions right now because I am putting together a more detailed post – so, stay tuned!)

Anyways, the theme this year for State of the City is, you guessed it, the Inner Loop! For the most part, locals of Rochester, NY hate the Inner Loop and being that I have only lived here for about five years now I never understood what the big deal was until this exhibition.

“… Despite some political obstacles, construction on the highway began in the early 1950s. Many structures were demolished to make way for the route, which was constructed in a cut through the densely populated neighborhoods that surrounded downtown…” –Wikipedia

“State of the City 2011: In The Loop will take Rochester’s unmistakable, often maligned, and nearly 50-year-old ring highway “The Inner Loop” as a departure point. The artists in the exhibition will employ diverse methods such as traditional landscape painting, photo documentation, interactive video, and psychogeography to consider and discuss the history, present moment, and future of Downtown Rochester. This vital series of exhibitions will continue to generate important discussions across the art community and foster productive collaborations between artists, cultural institutions, urban planning/architecture professionals and the general public in Upstate/Western NY.” –RoCo website

Artists in the exhibition are: The Landmark Society of Western New York, Jim Mott, Bartow+Metzgar w/ James Downer & Greg Stewart, Cary Markerink, and Mark Edward Grimm.

If you haven’t been to see State of the City 2011: In the Loop yet I highly recommend it and, yes, I just had to pick up one of those In the Loop t-shirts. All the cool kids are wearing one. Ha!

Check out my past posts covering State of the City 2009 and State of the City 2010.

Check out the [unedited] video I took of my experience of “Police Code” by Mark Edward Grimm. The room the installation was in was dark so I used a flash in the photo above but the video is an accurate representation of the piece.


Author: Megan Charland

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