Have you seen the new Re: Plant room at Rochester Contemporary Art Center? I went to check it out over the weekend and it’s looking really good AND the staff at RoCo have plans to make it even better! It’s the kind of space you can sit down in and instantly feel inspired.

From the RoCo website:

This resource center is dedicated to exploring and fostering “relational aesthetics” and “participatory art” in Rochester and beyond. The PLANT room was first launched in 2009 in order to promote initiatives related to: exploring a sense of place, land and the environment, progressive art projects, communities and neighbors, and creative uses of technology.

in this room:
art and everyday life can coexist
art can function as a mechanism to bring people together
art can foster discussions about important issues

you can:
learn about projects from around the world
follow and participate in RoCo’s events
you can contribute documents and resources
organize a meeting, event or talk
look and read


Author: Megan Charland

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