Inker Linker

Looking for a printer? Check out Inker Linker! Western New York is looking pretty empty! Who is going to be the first to take their place on the map? I know there are plenty of printers around here.

“Inker Linker was founded by Jessica Hische, a letterer and illustrator with a proclivity for internet projects. While it might be easy to find a printer, finding the right printer for your job usually involves a mix of friend recommendations and blind luck. That’s where Inker Linker steps in. Find printers based on what they do best or what’s most important to you—whether you’re looking to save some cash or find someone with as keen an eye as your crazy perfectionist self. Have a special technique in mind for your project? Search for printers that specialize in it. All content is entered by the printers themselves and comments and ratings let you hear about other designers’ experiences while working with the printer.” – Inker Linker site

I LOVE that you can search for a printer using “Insane Perfectionism” as a top priority! It’s like this site was made for me. The internet is such a great place.


Author: Megan Charland

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