money, money, money

I promise this post isn’t going to be as serious as it sounds. I hate talking about money, but this is one of those posts I have re-written a million times and just have to share.

It’s expensive to be an artist. It’s very expensive to be an art/graduate student. We all know this already, right? A friend and I were recently talking about money and how we value it, as artists. It’s funny because we both agreed that we have absolutely no problem pulling out our credit cards to buy a $300 roll of paper, yet we have to talk ourselves into buying a $5 sandwich. Ha! Seriously, I struggle with these justifications all the time.

This past weekend I traveled east to the ADKs for a few days to visit family and on Monday night, right before I left to return to ROC, I overheard my brother make a comment to my mother and I laughed hysterically. My brother pre-ordered a game but didn’t have any gas in his car to drive to the store to pick it up. Now, the price of the game could have filled his tank and then some I’m sure, but buying this game was more important to him. See, my brother is moving out here to Rochester next week to start his Freshman year at RIT (I’m so proud!!!) to study Game Design and Development, so naturally he is an avid gamer. He needs to play these games in order to be involved and successful in his studies and his field of choice.

I can completely relate. I buy photobooks, artist books, zines, attend conferences, visit galleries & museums – all necessary in my mind to be successful in my field of choice. Guess what? I’m right. Supporting other artists, enhancing my education, networking with professionals in my field – all of these choices I have made have allowed me to be where I am, which is exactly where I want to be.

No, not everyone understands my choice. My brother is about to face the same criticism from certain people and I hope he knows that it doesn’t matter at all what anyone else thinks. So, I guess this post turned into a little letter to my brother. Go get ’em Jesse!

image: Objects In A Bag / Special Edition Zine by Kate Bingaman-Burt from her flickr.

Author: Megan Charland

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