Amy Greenan

While I was installing/de-installing at WNYBAC a couple of weeks ago I checked out the exhibition A Sense of Place with work by Amy Greenan and Elizabeth Leader. It shouldn’t come to any surprise that I was attracted to Amy Greenan’s work.

“The house paintings have been my primary focus since early 2009, when on a whim I decided that I wanted to break away from the figure for a while. I’d been particularly attracted to this one abandoned house—the Green House, as I usually refer to it—I saw driving out to see my mother. One day, I took some photos of it, and then used those photos as a loose guide to creating the first of what ended up a long series of works.

Having grown up in what was an abandoned house when my parents purchased it, I find an irresistible affinity to these lost architectural souls. I realized, too, that the similarities between these houses and the human body and experience cannot be ignored. These places have a history in the same way we do. Memories are attached; they crumble in the same way the human body eventually does. They evoke all sorts of emotions and thoughts in me. When I paint each one, I can’t help but sense that I am bringing it a bit of its life back.” -from Greenan’s website

I’m always interested in seeing/reading about how other artists use the house shape in their work. I have put Chronic Disconnect on hold and have started thinking about Land [ab]Use again. More on that soon!

Anyways, the show is up through September 17th so if you’re in the Buffalo, NY area you should check it out!


Author: Megan Charland

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