summer screening | take 2

YAY! We did it again. Dan invited a group of us over last night to screen A Face in the Crowd (1957), eat hotdogs, and enjoy some s’mores.

I had never seen the film before and really enjoyed it. There were some HILARIOUS parts that had me cracking up and towards the end the film took a turn I wasn’t expecting. A Face in the Crowd was also your typical 50’s b/w film with all the usual charm. In conversation afterwards we all seemed to agree not much has changed in the world in the last 50-some-odd years.

By the sounds of things, we will be getting together soon to do this again. YES. I am tempted to do a little research and put in a request of my own – look out! Film connoisseur in the making. Ha!

Overall it was a fun night. Good snacks and good company. What more can a girl ask for? Though, I have to admit, the laugh of Larry ‘Lonesome’ Rhodes (Andy Griffith) will haunt me forever…

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Author: Megan Charland

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