Not at all Polaroid

I was browsing Erin Griffin’s MA Thesis website project, Visual Studies Workshop Press: A Website Description of Process-Based and Experimental Books, and was struck by Francis Coutellier’s artist book Not at all Polaroid. It instantly made me think of Charles Woodard’s artist book, The History of Photography in Pen & Ink, which I recently acquired.

You should definitely head over and check out Griffin’s site. There are a lot of gems from the Independent Press Archive held in the Research Center at VSW.

All images are from the Visual Studies Workshop Press: Process-Based and Experimental Books website.

Francis Coutellier
Not at all Polaroid
7 x 5 in, 32 pages.
(offset, saddle stitched)


Author: Megan Charland

2 thoughts on “Not at all Polaroid”

  1. Of course! Interesting project. As a student at VSW I have only started to look through the book archives in the Research Center. So many great finds. Congratulations on your thesis.

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