Wow! I can’t believe it has been over a week since I posted last! I have been super busy lately and although I can’t reveal all of the projects yet that I have been working on, you’ll have to trust me when I say a lot of really exciting things are going to be happing in the next few weeks!

As far as this past week is concerned, apart from balancing 4 jobs, I was out of town over the weekend for my “baby” brother’s high school graduation. I feel so old all of a sudden! Ha! Anyways, as always the trip back east to the ADKs was too short but sweet and I returned early Monday morning to ROC to attend my first workshop of the summer with Nathan Lyons and Tate Shaw: IMAGE/SEQUENCE/SERIES.

The photo above is from my workspace this morning. I have taken over 300 photographs in the course of the last few days and the editing process has begun! Tomorrow in class we will be working on sequencing and wrapping things up as it is the last day. I am working on a more in-depth post regarding this workshop and will realistically have that up by Monday. I also plan on posting my finished sequence of photographs on flickr tomorrow night after class, so you’ll have to check ’em out!


Author: Megan Charland


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