Johan Rosenmunthe

I first came across Johan Rosenmunthe’s new book Transmutations over on The Independent Photo Book and immediatley went to check out Rosenmunthe’s website. I was honestly first attracted to the slip-case/cover of the unbound book and then became intrigued with the photographs.

Published by Vandret Publications, “‘Transmutations’ is a book project with a new look at the dialectical relationship between culture and nature. A study of bestial connotations of human gestures and poses, and it questions how much originates from the animal in us. It is a look into the attitude of the young generations and the relationship between staging and substance. The project includes photographs of stuffed animals photographed at the Museum of Natural History in New York. Their postures are carefully orchestrated by humans.” -excerpt from statement on artist’s website

If I wasn’t on a grad-school budget I would be ordering my copy today! For now, it’s wish-listed. Have you had a chance to see Transmutations yet? What did you think?

All images are from Johan Rosenmunthe’s website.


Author: Megan Charland

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