summer screening | take 1

Last night Dan invited a bunch of us over for a backyard screening of a few films. Besides the mosquitoes (a bottle of bug-spray actually makes an appearance in one of the photos above) it was a fun night. He opened with a very bizarre animated film on manners, but not only can I not remember the title, I also didn’t take a picture of the screen. My bad. Dan? Help? Anyways, after learning that I have been improperly eating a banana my entire life he played the feature film The Ape Man (1943) directed by William Beaudine. Funny enough he only had two reels in the case so we weren’t able to watch the ending! So, I can’t really comment on the film not having seen it in it’s entirety. It could have gotten better, right? Ha! The suspense is on. The night ended with what turned out to be an ad for a lawn mower! It was a short film about a father teaching his son how to mow a lawn. Again, I don’t know the proper title (blame it on the sangria) but the last photo above is from the film. Don’t you just LOVE those glasses?

I have a feeling there will be quite a few more of these backyard screenings before the summer is out and I cannot wait! So, you’ve been warned, I will most definitely be writing another “summer screening” post.

I can still hear the sound of the projectors…

Author: Megan Charland

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