Congrats Bleu!!

[src | photo by Matt Wittmeyer]

This past Saturday there was a fantastic article on the Democrat and Chronicle website about the impressive accomplishments of the one and only Bleu Cease, Executive Director and Curator of Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo).

“Cease threw himself into the work — and he hasn’t let up. “He works six or seven days a week for RoCo,” says board president Stewart D. Davis, adding with a chuckle: “We hope he sleeps and eats.” // People began noticing Cease’s unusual blend of skills, meshing artistic vision with attention to detail, enthusiasm with organizational ability, measured reflection with managerial savvy.” [page 1 of article]

Bleu took over at RoCo mid-2007 and I started interning for him a few months later. After reading that article I went back to the blog I kept while I was at RIT and damn, this one post says it all! You should definitely take a moment and read it, it describes my first few months as an intern there perfectly – and mentions the beginning of 6x6x2008!!! It was really great having all of Bleu’s accomplishments recognized and fun reading about all of the changes he has made because, well, I was there for every single one of them.

Since my internship I have been an active member/volunteer and have enjoyed every minute of it. RoCo has been a constant in my life the last four years and I have learned SO MUCH through my experiences working with Bleu. It would not be a stretch at all to say that my internship there changed my life. Too sappy? Deal.

CONGRATS BLEU!! You deserve it ten-fold!!


Author: Megan Charland

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