When I first read the article “On (Digital) Photography: Sontag, 34 Years Later” over on The New York Times website I laughed. I have had this conversation with both family and friends over the last few years and it’s interesting to get everyone’s take on the current “flood” of images. Personally, I am extremely “snap-happy” with my digital cameras and BlackBerry. Especially if I’m on vacation I always take thousands of pictures. Now, on occasion I will go out with my Hasselblad and shoot – and find myself putting more thought into every frame. I can be out for hours and end up with 12 images. 12 photos from my ‘Blad = 300 images with my digital cameras. Crazy. Do you still shoot film? Do you find yourself approaching image-making differently?

I noticed Luke mentioned the article on his blog Touching Harms the Art and asked, “We are awash in images. A once precious drip has become an uncontrollable flood. How do we move forward?” Well, how do we move forward?

[image source]


Author: Megan Charland

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