ready to go

Tuesday night I hung my Chronic Disconnect series for the end of the semester Work Share – which is TOMORROW. I am happy with how the frames look on the wall. Sarah and Laura were still hanging while I snapped these pics so I will make sure to take more photos tomorrow to show the gallery in it’s entirety.

Also, big news, I finished my artist statement! Huzzah! I am SO ready for tomorrow.

Chronic Disconnect

By physically cutting away houses from the landscape I create a void in composition representing my transient lifestyle. Each time I move it is as if my previous residence is being erased by my subconscious.

My inability to emotionally connect to any of my residences is in constant flux with my need to be in complete control of my life. This control is something I harness in working with these hand-cut prints. With a sharp blade, this act of erasure is permanent, I am moving forward.


Author: Megan Charland

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