another work in progress

Yes, more houses! All of the above images are from a current book project I’m working on. I will share my maquette with you tomorrow. Drive-By is a series of photographs I shot while sitting in the back seat of a car. As a passenger my gaze naturally went out the window watching this unfamiliar neighborhood pass in a blur. My eyes focused in on the houses. My work in general deals with my desire to settle down. Own my own house. Construct my own home. I’m constantly on the move for one reason or another. What I’m left with is an idea. The ideal house. This perfect house, this idea, this constructed shape I used as a viewfinder on the landscape. This shape, a mental picture in my head, I digitally constructed post drive-by for this series. What you’re left with is the result of my personal obsession: a single form representing both possibility and limitation.

This is all very much in the beginning stages. This one particular drive-by occured when I was in Atlanta, GA for SPE last month. I will be going on another drive-by within the next couple of days and plan on experimenting a bit. I’ll share more next week!

You can view the rest of this series over on my flickr. Check ’em out!

From top to bottom: “House #2“, “House #3“, Drive-By cover, “House #5“, “House #12“, “House #18“, “House #19“, and “House #21“.


Author: Megan Charland

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