Bill Viola via Skype

Yesterday (before the cross-crit) I went to a screening and Skype-talk with Bill Viola in Geoffrey Alan RhodesNew Media New Screens: Future Cinema class at RIT. Sorry for the poor image quality, I snapped the pic above with my BlackBerry. You get the idea though.

We watched Two Women, The Crossing, and Going Forth by Day. All of his video work is designed for installation, not to be viewed theatre-style. I was totally OK with watching it on the screen though. I always find his work so mesmerizing.

Two Women, 2008

The Crossing, 1996

Going Forth by Day, 2002

Towards the end of the talk he mentioned his new interactive project The Night Journey which is currently on view in the Real Virtuality exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image.


“To experience The Night Journey, players move through the game’s three primary environments—characterized by desert, water, and forest—looking for unique features in the landscape in order to find objects. Once found, an object reveals an otherwise invisible dimension of itself. One’s ability to progress through the game environment and where one is permitted to go are determined by the amount and type of objects found.” – from Museum of the Moving Image

Sounds like my kind of video game.


Author: Megan Charland

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