Alisa Dworsky @ BCA Center

Yesterday my brother and I headed over to Burlington, VT for some shopping and driving practice (he’s 17 and itching to take his road test) and we stopped in at BCA Center to view Drawing Strength – Alisa Dworsky.

I really enjoyed Dworsky’s installations and was glad we decided to stop in and see them.

From the BCA website: “With ropes and bamboo, artist and architectural designer Alisa Dworsky transforms the east and west galleries into complex physical environments. In the installation Surface Tension, black hand-crocheted rope is used to build a landscape suggestive of topographical maps and computer-generated virtual worlds. Dramatic peaks, formed by an upward pull in the rope, are balanced by a series of suspended counterweights. Points of View, a complex network of bamboo tetrahedrons, fills the west gallery. Blue reflective tape on the structure suggests a waterline horizon, which creates a shimmering, level plane when illuminated with provided headlamps. With the play of rigid and organic lines, as well as the projection of shadows on the gallery walls, Dworsky reinterprets two-dimensional drawing into three-dimensional form.”

Be sure to check out Dworsky’s website and blog to view more of her work!


Author: Megan Charland

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