6x6x2011: Global

Yep, it’s back! A couple of days ago Rochester Contemporary Art Center announced 6x6x2011: Global to the public. GET EXCITED!

The submission form is already available on the RoCo website so be sure to get your work in early! New this year, there will be an on-line Popular Vote with cash prizes. First Place ($300), Second Place ($100), and Third Place ($50) will be awarded. Nice, right?

SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE MAY 1ST. Don’t worry, I will remind you.

I assisted RoCo Staff in photographing 5,004 works of art for the 6x6x2010: You Asked For It on-line gallery. [more info]

I personally photographed 3,077 works of art for the 6x6x2009 – Second and Final Year! on-line gallery. [more info]

I assisted in the design and coordination of 6x6x2008.


Author: Megan Charland


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