my 11 goals for 2011

Day 365 (Vintage blowers) by Lisa Congdon


Yikes! To think when I wake up tomorrow it will already be 2011…

I have really been thinking about my goals for the new year, like I’m sure so many of you are, and I keep saying to myself “keep it doable Megan, keep it doable.” For now, this is my list of goals. I’m sure as the year progresses I will come up with more, hopefully while crossing some of these off!

1. CREATE! Not only do I want to keep the creative juices flowing in 2011, but I want to TALK about my work more as well. This means (A) sharing more of my work on this blog and (B) finding people in the community to discuss/critique my work on a regular basis.

2. Balance work and school. I work in a museum in a grant funded position which just so happens to overlap with the time I will be in graduate school. I really enjoy my job and obviously my studies are just as important to me. Keeping it balanced is always a struggle, but one in which I am more than happy to take on. To think, at the beginning of 2010 I was freaking out over my grad-school application!

3. FINISH UNPACKING!!!! Oh man, I moved last April and still have boxes piled up in my kitchen! Good news though, I have three more weeks off before the Spring Semester starts back up so I have plenty of time to unpack.

4. Save. I turned 25 at the beginning of the month. I am definelty having a “1/4 life crisis” and realizing that I need to start saving money for the future! I’m 25 and sans-savings! EEK!

5. De-Clutter. I live in a small studio apartment. I don’t have a lot of space, but I have A LOT of stuff. After climbing through my walk-in closet I realized I really don’t “need” a lot of these items I hold on to so dearly. Also, I am mortified to share with you that my mom’s HUGE barn is probably 80% full of MY STUFF from over the years. Ah! I’m a hoarder! Not anymore, 2011, not anymore.

6. Read. Wow, 2010 was not a good year for reading. Besides for school, I really haven’t read much at all these last 12 months. Over the weekend I plan on putting together a list of books I want to read and keeping track of them on my blog. Hopefully this will motivate me to pick up a book rather than curling up on the couch and turning to Netflix. Oh Netflix, you are so tempting!

7. Pen Pal! My BFF moved out of state (to NJ – yuck – just kidding, I have to forgive her she is my BFF) and I’m really excited to start WRITING letters again. I think it will be fun! I do have one rule though: NO GLITTER! Seriously, Rachelle, if you’re reading this: NO GLITTER should ever be included in a letter to me! Ha!

8. Megan & Sara. OK, so this little project started over a year ago and we still haven’t finished the first painting. We’re close! My GOAL is to have it finished and POSTED up on our site before March. That’s being realistic.

9. Music. I have a saxophone and clarinet. I played both in high school and now both are collecting dust on the floor of my closet. I want to start playing again. I want to learn to play guitar (Guitar Hero doesn’t count – ha!) and piano. My mother plays guitar and has tried to teach me many times. I make it a few days and then my fingers hurt and I bail. I never really tried learning piano aside from perhaps Chopsticks as a kid. I’m not saying I am going to be a one-woman band, but I would like to incorporate music into my life again.

10. Learn to letterpress. Remember when I posted about becoming a member at WNYBAC? Well, I’m really hoping to attend a workshop there in March. If I can’t swing it then, perhaps over the summer? It will be done in 2011 that’s for sure!

11. RELAX. This was kind of on my list from last year, but I definitely need to further improve! I have the tendency to stretch myself too thin with so many outside commitments that I never seem to have time for myself. I also get stressed out too much, especially when I have to turn down an opportunity because there are just not enough hours in the day! Maybe I’ll pick yoga back up? Try meditation? Learn to say NO?!

Well, that’s it for now. HAPPY NEW YEAR! What are your goals for 2011?


Author: Megan Charland

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