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Today is the day! Those of you following Blog for Digs must be coming over here from M-Dashing! Right? Right. So, here I go. Today is my turn to talk about my childhood bedroom. Enjoy!

My childhood bedroom was always changing. I grew up in a 3-bedroom home and at some point I called each room my own. I’m the oldest of four siblings. I have two younger sisters and a “baby” brother (who is now 17!) When my sister Lauren was born, we shared a room while the second bedroom was our playroom. We had a lot of toys and books covering our bookshelves. I can’t remember ever wanting, but we weren’t spoiled. Just comfortable. I used to love playing with my toy kitchen set. Ironically, as an adult the kitchen is the last place I want to be! Ha!


As we got older and our sister Sara was born I took over the playroom as my bedroom and Lauren shared our old room with Sara. The oldest of three girls, having my own room was SUPER exciting! Things were switched up again when my brother Jesse was born. My mom and stepfather took over the girls room while Jesse took over mine. The three of us girls moved into the larger bedroom that was previously my parents. We had a bunk-bed and twin-size bed in the room and over the years we all took turns sleeping in the bunk-beds.


All three of these bedrooms were comfortable and inspiring rooms to grow up in. Many forts were built and plays performed behind those doors. I always felt at home.

When it comes time for me to be dedicating a room in my future home to a child the room will be comfortable. It’s the details that make a home. These details are part of what Dwell with Dignity focuses on. A framed artwork, decorative pillow, and fresh coat of paint on the walls can make a huge difference. If you are able, please donate to the DWD cause. Happy Holidays!

Be sure to head over to Meant for a Moment tomorrow to Blog for Digs!

Author: Megan Charland

3 thoughts on “Blog for Digs”

  1. Megan, your inspirational photos are lovely-I love vintage toys and that kitchen is a dream! How nice that you guys adjusted to the needs of the family by moving around to suit the newest family member; that is true family love and you got to experience several rooms and call them your own!

    Thank you for participating in Blog for Digs…your support means the world to us and to the deserving families who will benefit. Happy holidays! xocc

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