the last minute

OK, so by now I’m sure most of you have figured out that I can be quite the procrastinator. This past Saturday was no exception. I was hanging out at my apartment, relaxing on my day off and realized I had yet to see the exhibitions Geometries or (in)securities & exchange and they were closing the next day! So, I ran over to RoCo and Hartnett Gallery right away.

As I mentioned today in my earlier post, I was excited to see Christopher McNulty’s work at RoCo. Along with McNulty, Andy Gilmore was the other exhibiting artist in Geometries. Gilmore is a Rochester based artist (ROC!) and I would suggest heading on over to his website. Now.

After I spent about a half hour over at RoCo I headed over to Hartnett Gallery to check out (in)securities & exchange. Do you remember when I mentioned attending a “Two-Needle Coptic with Cloth Covered Boards” workshop with artist Heather F. Wetzel at VSW? She mentioned her solo show that day and I cannot believe it took me so long to get over there to see it!

I cannot even fathom how long it must take her to make each one of those pieces. What you’re looking at are “Gold toned salt print from wet-plate collodion glass negative on handmade paper” then turned into megalethoscope slides – wow. What a process!

The theme of the exhibition was financial, specifically concerns. The photo I took above says “Will I get a job” (which is visible after turning on the light of the megalethoscope) and that concern definetly resonates with me concerning I am a graduate student and can’t help but what will happen after graduation. Will I get a job in my field?

Wetzel also had a currency “exchange”, and I brought home “ACE” – yes!

Overall, a day well spent! What shows have you been to lately?

Images above were taken with my BlackBerry. Sorry for the poor quality, I forgot my camera…again.


Author: Megan Charland

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