crafty weekend

The weekend is here!! The weekend is here!! Here is my weekly round-up of fun crafty ideas. Enjoy!!

Art Journal: A Beautiful Mess is hands down one of my favorite blogs I have on my reader. This past Thursday Elsie shared a Winter Art Journal DIY tutorial and I’m excited to start one!


For the longest time I have kept moleskine sketchbooks with ideas for photo projects, paintings, installations, etc… but it’s been YEARS since I kept a journal. For the longest time, every January 1st I would start a new journal and vow I would write in it everyday. Normally that wouldn’t even last a month. I’m not really a diary-keeping kinda gal. However, I LOVE BOOKS and this looks like a fun idea! I’ll share my progress. I might just need to make my own journal to start off with!

DIY Decorative Pillow: I was excited to come across the Past Perfect Pillow tutorial over on the ReadyMade website.


Anyone who knows me can tell you that it is VERY HARD for me to get rid of old clothes because I always seem to attach a strong memory and can’t seem to part with them. Problem solved! I need more decorative pillows in the studio and I have LOTS of material to work with. Yay! Will post some pics soon… Now, what to cut up first?

crafty weekend is a weekly post where I round-up fun crafty ideas. Between work and school my week can get a little crazy and the weekend is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and have some crafty FUN!

NOTE: All of the images above are from the sourced websites. If you are at all displeased with me posting a certain image and would like the image removed please do not hesitate to contact me directly ( and I will remove it ASAP. Images are for educational use. Thank you.

Author: Megan Charland

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