NYC this weekend!!

English Garden NYC Vintage Postcards
[one of my vintage postcards]

I am so excited for this weekend!! I am heading down to NYC with my brother and he has already been warned that I will be dragging him to a few art venues while we are there!

Here is my tentative list of places I want to visit:

The Met: Yes, I’ve been a million times (I was a member when I used to live down in NYC), but it nevers gets old AND I will be checking #14 off of MVWL!! I am so excited to see Big Bambú! Finally!!

Statue of Liberty: If we find the time, I want to take one of those cruises. Just because. I’m turning 25 this year and I believe this is one of those “things” I need to do.

Brooklyn Bridge: OK, so I have ridden over the BB in a taxi cab, but have never walked over it. I want to. Also, my brother wants me to do his senior portrait on the BB. He’s a senior in HS already!! AH!!

The Guggenheim: I wouldn’t mind seeing Intervals: Ryan Gander which opened the beginning of the month, or Kandinsky at the Bauhaus, 1922–1933 which is an ongoing exhibition.

Jen Bekman Gallery: Derek Henderson has a show up right now. Hopefully I will get a chance to see Mercy Mercer during my travels around the Bowery Arts District.

MoMA PS1: I have a confession to make. I used to live only a few short blocks away from PS1, and I have never been! I know, I know. I’ll be visiting just in time to see Greater New York before it closes on the 18th!

New Museum: The Last Newspaper looks interesting. Have you seen it yet?

I’m sure once we get down there, all of my planning will go out the window. I’m OK with this. Actually, the more I make this list, the more I want to just go-with-the-flow!


Author: Megan Charland

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