Neal W. Cox

A couple of weeks ago I attended a lecture at Hartnett Gallery at University of Rochester. The speaker was artist Neal W. Cox. He builds pinhole cameras in these fabulous geometric shapes. I honestly did not understand a thing he was talking about when he started talking about mathematics, but the sculptural form of his “cameras” are beautiful.

After the lecture we all headed over to the gallery to view his exhibition Variations on the Platonic Solids. The “sculpture” in the image above is a camera! Actually, multiple cameras to be exact. At each joint is a pinhole.

The result? These great photographic images.

Copyright © Neal W. Cox.
“Piazza Signoria No. 2.”
Digital print from pinhole exposures
24″ x 48″

He also shared some video work with us. I am always excited to see artists working in different mediums.

Be sure to check out his blog to see more of his fantastic cameras and prints. You know you want to have a good look at the Extroverted Simultaneous Panorama Camera. Try saying that 5x fast!

That night, after the lecture and gallery opening reception, I went home and dug out my sad little tin can pinhole camera I made in high school. Still works!


Author: Megan Charland

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