my viewing “wish list”

Happy Monday!!

Today is my first day of grad school and I am super anxious/excited!! Mostly excited. What I’m anxious about, is my Digital Media I (video) class because I have ZERO experience with digital media/video work.

So, MVWL today is entirely made up of contemporary digital media/video artists. Enjoy!!

1. Suzanne Bocanegra: Looks like I will be able to cross Bocanegra off of my list soon! She is currently showing Opener 21: Suzanne Bocanegra: I Write the Songs at Tang Museum. I have family in the Saratoga Springs area so I will have to plan a visit soon. Be sure to visit her website to view more of her work.

“Color Chart”
Mixed media installation

2. Bruce Nauman: I came across Nauman’s work via the Art:21 series.

“MAPPING THE STUDIO II with color shift, flip, flop, & flip/flop (Fat Chance John Cage)”

3. Haluk Akakçe: I came across Akakçe’s work via Deitch.

“Snow Black”
Single channel projection DVD b/w with sound 4:00 loop installation view

Off to class I go!! See you back here on Friday for MVWL!!


Author: Megan Charland

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