Alicia Ross – NEW BOOK!

Love photo books?
Love fiber and installation work?
Love Alicia Ross?

Yes?! Then head on over to her site and buy her NEW BOOK!


Specs from her website: “This self-titled book is the first comprehensive, chronological portfolio published of Alicia Ross’s artwork. There are 100 color, 7 x 7 inch pages that showcase Ross’s photography, fiber and installation work from 2002-2010.”

This book will be available for a limited time only. Buy your copy TODAY! Also if you order your copy BEFORE AUGUST 31 then you also receive FREE SHIPPING! Pretty sweet right?

I remember the first time I saw her fiber work. I was an undergraduate at RIT while she was doing her thesis there. I was shocked. In a good way of course.

Motherboard_6 (A Chicken Waits for a Good Cock)
Cross-stitch on cotton
72″ x 41″

I’m waiting anxiously for my copy to arrive in the mail!!


Author: Megan Charland

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