my viewing “wish list” – part II

Happy Monday!

OK, so this may not come to a shock to most of you, but I started this blog post 5 months ago as a continuation of my viewing “wish list.” Ha! 5 months! Honestly, I had every intention of finishing it, and then…well, I got distracted with other projects! This seems to happen quite often. As a result, I have started monthly updates (which I enjoy writing and find to be a nice reflection of time spent the previous month) and today I am starting another regularly scheduled post!

I am constantly looking at art on the internet and wishing I could just jump in my car and go see it in person, so I have decided to make “my viewing ‘wish list'” a weekly post. Nothing too crazy, I’ll share a few artists a week. Let’s say on Mondays. Sound good? Nice way to start off the week.

Coming from someone who blogs at most once a month, this weekly venture might sound a little overzealous, but truth is I need to force myself to do it! Not only for the visual inspiration, but to keep myself in the practice of writing a bit as well.

So, here I go! Enjoy!

1. Lynn Hershman Leeson: OK, so this print may be old but when I was going through Leeson’s website I totally fell for “Reach.” She is currently working on a documentary !Women Art Revolution which is supposed to be completed by Fall 2010. Looking forward to it!

Gelatin sliver print

2. Crystal Liu: It was hard to pick only one image to share, I enjoy all of Liu’s work! From drawings, to photography, to installation art…you should defintely check out her website! Not only would I want to view her work in person, but I would love to hang “Taking a Drink” on my wall! Or, any of the pieces from her series The Sea.

“Taking a Drink”
Water colour, ink, gouache, and collage on paper

3. Liliana Porter: Here is another artist that seems to dable in it all. I found her installation work to be very interesting and would love to see it up close and personal. I seriously LOVE that figurine. Be sure to check out her website. LOTS to see!

“The Traveler”
Framed oil paint, figurine and drawing on wall

Well, that’s it for today! Have you seen any of the work above in person? What did you think?

NOTE: All of the images above were screenshots from the sourced websites. If any artists or galleries would like the images removed please do not hesitate to contact me directly ( and I will remove them ASAP. Images are for educational use. Thank you.

Author: Megan Charland

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