June Updates!

I don’t know about you, but the month of July for me is starting off to be quite HOT! I yearn for fall. Heat-wave aside, I figured I would take the time to post a quick update!

The month of June for me started off with the opening of the exhibition 6x6x2010: You Asked For It at Rochester Contemporary Art Center. What an amazing show!


My piece “Cornfields Reconstructed #4” has sold so I’m able to reveal my identity…the fun part about this exhibition is that all of the work is anonymous until you purchase! Speaking of purchase…have you bought a piece yet? SHOP!

You can view all of the exhibited pieces in this sweet video!


Here is a quick shot of me in the video talking to the Executive Director, Bleu Cease, during the installation process of 6x6x2010. Clearly, a serious conversation was taking place 😉

Digitization was done by myself and RoCo Staff. There was A LOT of work to photograph. Totally worth it though!

So, did you buy my piece? I would LOVE to hear from you!

A couple of weeks later I attended this great lecture by Trevor Flynn: “20 Fresh Perceptions: Uncommon Sense and the Visual Imagination” at Memorial Art Gallery. He spoke about how the “Playstation generation” doesn’t know how to draw, that drawing is like a second language, and that anyone can learn to draw. There was some debate about the latter. Can anyone draw? What do you think?

In 2006 Flynn founded the firm Drawing at Work. “Drawing At Work provide unique courses to develop visualisation and communication skills, inside and outside the workplace.” [src] It was fun to find out that not only would Flynn and his team engage the minds of say, a team of architects, but the Drawing At Work team would also invite the support staff from the architectural firm to draw. Truly a team event.

Be sure to check out the Drawing At Work website! Well worth the visit.

I also learned that the idea of a deodorant stick came from the functional design of a ballpoint pen. Funny how ideas come about.

The rest of June consisted of me working on a MILLION projects! I will start sharing my progress over the next few weeks… probably in time for my “July Updates!” Ha!


Author: Megan Charland


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