what inspires me? (blog it forward)

Happy Monday!!

So, if this whole “blog it forward” thing is working then you have come here after visiting the lovely ladies over at Max and Ellie this past Friday.

For those of you who haven’t got a clue who I am, I am Megan Charland. I’m a visual artist who has become obsessed with constructing and deconstructing landscapes. I love photography, art history, illustration, design, painting, bookmaking, and sewing. I will start graduate school in the fall. I was accepted into the MFA in Visual Studies program at Visual Studies Workshop. For more information about me please feel free to visit my website.

Detail of “Residential 001” from my Land [ab]Use series. Copyright © Megan Charland.

Now, here we are with my answer to, “what inspires us the most?”


Since the majority of my work (within the last 3 years) has dealt with the landscape, I would say my biggest inspiration comes from just driving around. Especially during the summer months, I could drive around for hours and just take in my surroundings.

I grew up in a small town in the Adirondack Mountains. Over the years, especially those when I was in college, I would travel back to my hometown to visit family and it always stunned me how much it continued to change on me. I was also shocked how much I actually missed it. I was definitely one of those “small town girls” that wanted to get out and move to the “big city”, and I did. No matter where I have moved to though, I could always find some small acre or so of land that reminded me of home.

“Barn” from my Constructed Landscapes series. Copyright © Megan Charland.


My family is a huge inspiration to me. My mother especially. Where would you be without your support network?

“Mom and Sara” from my 18th C. Living History Portraits series. Copyright © Megan Charland.

My earliest work were portraits of 18th C. living history participants. A good majority of this work were portraits of my family members. Varying levels of complaining and arm-twisting, but my sisters, brother, mother and step-father were always willing to help me out and be models for the day.

My sister Sara is also a young artist and together we have started Megan & Sara, a collaborative art project. I think any collaborative project is a great experience (look what we’re accomplishing with ‘blog it forward!’), but being able to undergo such a project with a sister has been a lot of fun. You should always have fun with what you do! What’s the point otherwise?

This is the logo I designed for Megan & Sara. Copyright © Megan Charland.


Wow. What would we do without the internet? I enjoy following the work of fellow artists. Within the last couple of years I have caught up with the work of Kate Bingaman-Burt and her Obsessive Consumption project. She draws a Daily Drawing EVERYDAY. I own this print. Love it. Illustrator Gemma Correll also draws EVERYDAY and shares it with the world in the form of Daily Diaries. These Daily Diaries are so great by the way, you should totally check them out if you’re not already familiar with her work.

For me, just the reminder that others are creating everyday inspires me to create as well.


Oh my goodness. It literally takes me hours to get through my reader. I am not going to list EVERY blog I follow, but these are definitely my FAVS!! Aesthetic Outburst, BOOOOOOOM!, Design For Mankind, Design*Sponge, Little Things Are Big, My Love for You, Personism, Pikaland, sfgirlbybay, and Share Some Candy. Wow! In alphabetical order and everything. Normally I am not this organized…trust me!

Now, in the spirit of “blog it forward”, please start your Tuesday blogging adventures over at Melissa Loves.

Thanks for reading!


Author: Megan Charland


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